We Have Always Been Total Return Investors

Our strategies are total return-oriented and seek to invest in MLP and other energy midstream securities that offer the potential for both current income and capital appreciation.

Using a research-driven approach from the heart of the MLP universe in Houston, Texas, our investment analysts run internal proprietary models for every company in our investable market.

Our strategies provide investors exposure to the companies that own critical North American energy infrastructure assets, such as oil and gas pipelines, storage facilities, shipping and processing facilities. These long-term real assets are designed to generate stable, fee-based cash flow streams that drive sustainable long-term growth opportunities, along with the potential for attractive dividend and distribution payments.

What we’re looking for:

  • Cash flow stability
  • Ownership of the full midstream supply chain
  • Strong Balance Sheets
  • Stable and growing distribution coverage


Open-End Fund

The fund offers access to an expansive universe of MLPs and MLP-related companies, providing the potential to capture a broad range of energy infrastructure opportunities. Learn more »

Closed-End Fund

The fund seeks to provide a high level of total return with an emphasis on making quarterly distributions to shareholders by investing at least 80% of its total assets in securities of MLPs and other midstream energy companies. Learn more »

Managed Account

Our investment philosophy is based on a fundamental “bottom-up” research driven approach designed to construct a portfolio that seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns while providing our investors exposure to a well-diversified range of midstream energy MLPs and companies. Learn more »

Private Investments

We manage several private energy strategies within the MLP and energy infrastructure sector.

Learn more about all of our strategies »

Salient also manages strategies suitable for institutions. Call us at 1 800-994-0755 for more information.

MLPs are entities structured as master limited partnerships, and their affiliates. Master limited partnerships are limited partnerships and limited liability companies that are publicly traded and are treated as partnerships for federal income tax purposes.

Our Strategies will invest primarily in companies located in North America, but they may invest in companies located anywhere in the world.

MLPs are subject to certain MLP tax risks and risks associated with accounting for their deferred tax liability which could materially reduce their value.