Capital Markets are Now Open for Energy

Salient Capital Advisors, LLC (the “Advisor”) is positioned as a leader in Master Limited Partnership (“MLP”) and midstream energy infrastructure investing for institutional and high net worth investors. We’re capitalizing on the North American Energy Renaissance with fundamentals-based, total return investing combined with best-in-class service.

The Salient MLP business currently manages over $5.0 billion in assets* across registered investment funds, separately managed accounts and other product offerings. The entire Salient MLP business is located in Houston and strives to not only provide our investors with exceptional investment management, but also quality and timely investor service.

As a steward of capital, we serve investors by prudently managing their capital as if it was our own capital while placing an emphasis on delivering growing streams of cash flows from real assets that provide a potential hedge against inflation and may be difficult to replace.

We strive to offer first-class investor service, while acting with strong integrity and a grateful attitude in serving our investors.

The Salient MLP team offers its investors ongoing events such as conferences and webinars that are designed to involve attendees through in-depth, practical, content-rich discussions that address critically important topics. The information provided through these events help our investors stay current and confident in the MLP and midstream markets, as well as providing timely performance updates.

Salient Partners, L.P., the parent company of the Advisor to the Salient MLP Business, is a Houston-based investment firm employing over 200 professionals and managing approximately $13.8 billion in assets*. Salient is an innovative asset management firm offering a comprehensive suite of single-asset and multi-asset solutions designed to serve as powerful building blocks for smarter, more efficient portfolios.

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*As of December 31, 2016.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission allows certain tariff-based MLPs to increase their pipeline fees according to the Producer Price Index (PPI), and many storage contracts adjust to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), so a rise in inflation may be partially offset by these pricing abilities.

MLPs are entities structured as master limited partnerships, and their affiliates. Master limited partnerships are limited partnerships and limited liability companies that are publicly traded and are treated as partnerships for federal income tax purposes.

Our Strategies will invest primarily in companies located in North America, but they may invest in companies located anywhere in the world.

MLPs are subject to certain MLP tax risks and risks associated with accounting for their deferred tax liability which could materially reduce their value.